What is Cineplex D Box?

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D-Box is a company that designs and manufactures motion systems for theaters like Cineplex. These systems are designed to provide a more immersive and realistic viewing experience by adding physical motion and vibration to the movie-watching experience.

Dbox seats in red among other seats in the cinema

D-Box motion systems are synchronized with the action on the screen, so that the seats move and vibrate in response to the film. For example, if a character in the movie is driving a car and there is a chase scene, the seats may vibrate and move to simulate the sensation of being in a car.

Cineplex DBox Experience

Cineplex D Box is available at over 100 of Cineplex’s 160 theaters

The short video below provides an overview of the experience at Cineplex. This will give you a good idea if it is a feature you would be interested.

Cineplex DBox vs IMAX

D Box and IMAX are both designed to provide a more immersive and realistic movie-watching experience, but they do so in different ways. D Box adds motion and vibration effects to the film, while IMAX uses larger screens and more powerful sound systems to create a more immersive experience. Cineplex theaters that have D Box technology will typically also have traditional or IMAX screens, so you can choose the type of theater experience that best suits your preferences.

Cineplex DBOX Frequently Asked Questions

How much is D Box Cineplex?

It depends on the ticket type – see Cineplex Ticket Prices compare ticket offerings from Cineplex.

What is 3D DBox Cineplex?

Certain movies are available in 3D and offer D Box seating to enhance the viewing experience with motion and vibration.

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