Scene+ is a loyalty program operated by Cineplex in partnership with Scotiabank, a Canadian bank. Members of the Scene program can earn points by purchasing tickets to movies, concessions, and other products and services at Cineplex theaters, as well as by using a Scene Visa card from Scotiabank. These points can be redeemed for rewards such as free movies, concessions, and merchandise.

Major Canadian retailers such as Safeway, Sobey’s, and FreshCo are now offering Scene+ points to customers.

How Scene points work

To use scene points, you will need to be a member of a loyalty program that offers them. Here are some steps you can follow to use scene points:

  1. Join the loyalty program: In order to earn and use scene points, you will need to be a member of the loyalty program that offers them. You can usually join online or at a store location.
  2. Earn scene points: You can earn scene points by making purchases or engaging in other activities with the company. The amount of points you earn may vary depending on the type of purchase or activity, and some programs may offer bonuses or other promotions to earn extra points.
  3. Check your scene point balance: You can usually check your scene point balance online, through a mobile app, or by contacting customer service.
  4. Redeem scene points: Once you have accumulated enough scene points, you can redeem them for rewards. This may include discounts on products or services, free items, or other perks. Some programs may have a minimum number of points required to redeem rewards, and the available rewards may vary.
  5. Use your rewards: Once you have redeemed your scene points for a reward, you can use it by presenting it at the time of purchase or by entering a code online or through a mobile app. Make sure to read any terms and conditions that may apply to your reward, as there may be restrictions on how it can be used.

How many Scene points for a movie?

Using the current Cineplex Ticket Prices below is the breakdown of how many points you need:

100 Scene points = $1.00 at Cineplex

See our Cineplex Ticket Prices page for more details on costs

How many Scene points for popcorn?

Using the current Cineplex Popcorn Prices

Scene can redeem 500 Scene points to get $5 off Cineplex food and drink purchases.

See our Cineplex Popcorn Prices page for more details on costs

Scene+ Frequently Asked Questions

Does Scene points expire?

Yes, Scene points do expire if there is no account activity for a 24 month period. Scene will send you a notice informing you if your points are about to expire.

Are Scene cards Free?

Yes, Scene cards are free so you can start collecting points right away. Register now to join Scene.

What are Scene points used for?

Scene points can be used at Cineplex for theater purchase or with other Scene point retailers such as Safeway, Sobey’s, and FreshCo.

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