How Do Cinemas Make Money?

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In the era of digital streaming platforms, cinemas have faced a lot of competition. However, the fact remains that watching movies in a cinema hall is an experience that cannot be replicated at home. But how do cinemas make money?

In this article, we will explore the various revenue streams that cinemas rely on to stay in business.

Ticket Sales

The most obvious revenue stream for cinemas is ticket sales. When customers buy tickets, cinemas get a share of the revenue. The amount of revenue a cinema gets depends on various factors like the popularity of the movie, the size of the cinema, and the region it is located in. In some cases, cinemas may have to share the revenue with movie distributors.


Concessions like popcorn, soda, and candy are a significant source of revenue for cinemas. The markup on concessions is high, and cinemas can make a lot of money from them. In fact, some cinemas may make more money from concessions than from ticket sales. This is why you may find that concessions are priced higher in cinemas compared to other places.


Cinemas can also generate revenue from advertising. Advertisers are willing to pay a premium to advertise their products and services to a captive audience. Cinemas can display ads before the movie begins, during the intermission, and after the movie ends. They can also display ads on the screens in the cinema hall.

Private Screenings and Events

Cinemas can also generate revenue from private screenings and events. Companies and individuals may rent out a cinema hall to screen a movie for their employees or guests. Cinemas can also host events like premieres, festivals, and Q&A sessions with filmmakers. Private screenings and events can be a lucrative source of revenue for cinemas.


Merchandising is another way cinemas can make money. Cinemas can sell merchandise like T-shirts, hats, posters, and other memorabilia related to the movies they are screening. Some cinemas may also sell DVDs and Blu-rays of the movies they have screened. Merchandising can be a great way to generate additional revenue for cinemas.

Loyalty Programs

Cinemas can also offer loyalty programs to their customers. These programs can offer perks like discounted tickets, free concessions, and early access to tickets for popular movies. Loyalty programs can encourage customers to visit cinemas more frequently and generate more revenue for cinemas.

Subscription Models

Some cinemas offer subscription models where customers can pay a monthly fee to watch a certain number of movies. These subscription models can be a great way to generate revenue for cinemas. Customers who subscribe to these models are more likely to visit cinemas more frequently, which can result in higher revenue for cinemas.

International Box Office

Cinemas can also generate revenue from the international box office. When movies are released in different countries, cinemas in those countriescan earn a share of the revenue. This is why movies often have staggered release dates in different countries. The international box office can be a significant source of revenue for movies, and cinemas can benefit from this revenue stream as well.

Streaming Services

Lastly, cinemas can also generate revenue from streaming services. Some cinemas have partnered with streaming services to offer their customers the option to rent or buy movies online. Cinemas can earn a share of the revenue from these transactions. Additionally, some cinemas have also launched their own streaming services, which can be another source of revenue.


Cinemas face a lot of competition from digital streaming services, but they continue to be a popular destination for moviegoers. To stay in business, cinemas need to generate revenue from various sources. Ticket sales, concessions, advertising, private screenings and events, merchandising, loyalty programs, subscription models, international box office, and streaming services are some of the ways cinemas can make money.

How Do Cinemas Make Money FAQs

How much money do cinemas make from ticket sales?

The revenue cinemas generate from ticket sales varies depending on various factors like the popularity of the movie, the size of the cinema, and the region it is located in.

Why are concessions priced higher in cinemas?

The markup on concessions is high as cinemas make more money from concessions than from ticket sales. See our article to learn more about why.

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