Cinemark Ticket Prices (2023)

Welcome to our page about Cinemark ticket prices! Whether you’re looking to catch the latest blockbuster in IMAX, bring the whole family to a kids’ movie, or a VIP movie date, we’ve got you covered.

Prices for Cinemark tickets vary by movie experience so be sure to check out our pricing table below to find the perfect option for you.

Cinemark Ticket Prices

Cinemark Ticket Prices

Cinemark Ticket Prices

Ticket TypeAge
Child13 and under
General14 to 64

Children are not allowed in VIP due to alcohol service.

Choosing your Cinemark Movie Experience

Cinemark RealD 3D

Cinemark uses RealD 3D for digital stereoscopic projection technology to make for a great 3D visuals. RealD 3D technology is often used in conjunction with traditional 2D projection systems allowing Cinemark to offer a range of viewing options to their customers.

RealD 3D Glasses

Cinemark DBOX

D-Box motion systems are typically installed in movie theaters and are integrated with the seating in the theater. The motion system is synchronized with the action on the screen, so that the seats move and vibrate in response to the film. For example, if a character in the movie is driving a car and there is a chase scene, the seats may vibrate and move to simulate the sensation of being in a car.

Cinemark IMAX

Cinemark only uses 3D IMAX.

To learn more see our detailed article on IMAX.

Cinemark Dine In

Cinemark Dine-In offers a more upscale and intimate environment than traditional movie theaters, with comfortable seating, premium sound and picture quality, and a selection of gourmet food and drinks. Cinemark Dine-In is typically a smaller more intimate venue which limits the movie to more common technology such as standard, 3D, and IMAX.

Cinemark Tuesday Discount

Half price tickets on Tuesdays has been a long standing promotion offered by Cinemark.

This is a popular promotion and very often will result in new movies being completely sold out well in advance so be sure to book your tickets online in advance to get the promotion.

Cinemark Rewards


Scene members also get a discount on purchases of Cineplex tickets, popcorn, and concession food items.

Cineplex CineClub

Cineplex CineClub is a loyalty program offered by Cineplex and as a member of Cineplex CineClub you will receive one movie ticket, 20% off concessions and bonus Scene+ points.

Cineplex Summer Deals

In the summer Cineplex will from time to time extend Tuesday discounts as well as have promotions for popcorn and food *insert links*. Follow Cineplex on Facebook to not miss any deals.

How to get discounted Cinemark Tickets

Prices for Cineplex tickets for a night out can be costly. We have organized our best tips to reduce the cost of going to the movies.

Costco Cinemark Packages

Buying ticket packages in bulk from Costco does offer a discount as well as perks such as popcorn and other concession items.

The Cinemark One Night Out package from Costco offers general admission, regular soft drink, and regular popcorn for $11.99.

The Cinemark Great Escape package from Costco is redeemable in theatres for two general admissions, two regular soft drinks and one regular popcorn.

Important to note that upgrades from general to IMAX or 4DX require additional payment at the theater. Important to note that upgrades from general to IMAX or 4DX require additional payment at the theater.

Discounted Gift Cards

From time to time grocery stores and other gift card sellers will offer gift cards for Cinemark at a discount. This will allow you to buy $50 dollars worth of Cinemark gift cards for $40 dollars.

Cinemark Ticket Prices Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Cinemark tickets cost?

It depends on the movie, cinema experience and ticket type. Check our prices for Cinemark tickets to see a full breakdown.

Why is Cineplex VIP so expensive?

VIP Cineplex ticket price is the most expensive

Can you buy Cinemrk tickets online?

Yes, you can buy Cinemark tickets online. Go to the Cineplex Website or use the Cinemark Android or Apple mobile application.

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