Cineworld Popcorn Prices (2023)

Our overview of Cineworld Popcorn Prices gives the current cost of the beloved treat for moviegoers. Learn more about the cost of the fluffy kernels and delicious buttery flavored popcorn at Cineworld.

Cineworld Popcorn Prices

Cineplex Popcorn Prices

Cineworld Free Popcorn Day

Cineworld Free Popcorn Day occurs on January 19 (National Popcorn Day) each year for unlimited members.

Other promotions through the year will have Cineplex give away free popcorn with movie tickets, Cineplex gift card purchases or minimum food spend. Be sure to check and follow the Cineworld Facebook page to not miss out.

Cineworld Popcorn Frequently Asked Questions

Can you order Cineworld popcorn?

Yes, you can order Cineworld popcorn for pickup from the theater using the website.

Is Cineworld popcorn keto?

No, Cineworld popcorn is not keto as it is a carbohydrate.

Is Cineworld peanut free?

No, Cineworld is not peanut free.

Is Cineworld popcorn butter vegan?

No, Cineworld popcorn butter is not vegan.